SnoYo was created by the Friedhaber family team.  They wanted to do a family business with son, Michael, who decided that self-serve frozen yogurt was the perfect business and that central Delaware was a great place to get started.   The SnoYo opened in June of 2012.  

It didn’t take long to realize that SnoYo’s success is in large part because of the freedom of choice.  You can have yogurt or ice cream ~ in a bowl, a cone, or a SnoYo waffle bowl.  You pump the yogurt yourself.  You choose the flavor and you choose the toppings.  You choose a little snack or you can make it a meal.  You can choose deliciously healthy or deliciously decadent.  You can choose to eat inside, outside or take out.  You can even choose your own location with SnoYo Mobile.

Let your family celebrate freedom of choice with our family at SnoYo.  


Family Owned - Family Operated - Family Friendly

'Like' SnoYo Gourmet Frozen Yogurt - Lewes

'Like' SnoYo Gourmet Frozen Yogurt - Milford